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This is a marriage of two cabinets, one victorian the other a little older.  The two cabinets were converted into a victorian chest on chest. The lower cabinet was restored back to its original configuration.  The missing molding on the drawer fronts was reproduced to match the original molding on the drawer fronts of the lower cabinet.  The upper cabinet was reconfigured to match the lower unit and the drawer spaces were moved a little closer together.  The drawers on the upper cabinet were then reproduced to match the drawers on the lower cabinet, including the appearance of  hand cut dovetails.  Period knobs were purchased to match all the drawers, the upper knobs just slightly smaller than the lower knobs.  The top of the original lower cabinet was moved to the top of the finished chest and a reproduction divider top was created for the lower cabinet.  The finished piece yeilded a seven drawer chest on chest made of solid walnut.